Farewell to Darwinian Evolution:

Exposition of God’s Creation Patent and Seal

Farewell to Darwinian Evolution:

Exposition of God’s Creation Patent and Seal

The creationism versus evolutionism controversy is evolving. It began with evolutionists against creationists, but it has evolved into a debate between evolutionists who are loyal to the opinions of authorities in Darwinism and evolutionists who are loyal to empirical evidence. The recent battle ground was at the Royal Society “New Trends in Evolutionary Meeting” held on November 7, 2016. James A. Shapiro’s recent book Evolution: A View from the 21st Century affirms the need for a revolutionary paradigm.

Here is the dilemma. Darwinian theory of evolution contends that new species are formed gradually by random variation and through competition. Under the Darwinian paradigm natural selection gets the glory as Jerry Coyne in his book Why Evolution Is True asserts:

Evolution is a fact. And far from casting doubt on Darwinism, the evidence gathered by scientists over the past century and a half supports it completely, showing that evolution happened, and that it happened largely as Darwin proposed, through the workings of natural selection (pp. xiii-xiv, 2009).

The evidence Coyne is referring to is circumstantial and the interpretation is based on expert opinion with preconceived philosophical preference―materialism. Under the Darwinian paradigm, natural selection, which addresses variations in populations, inheritance of traits, competition of offspring and survival of the fittest, is believed to be the mechanism that causes populations of living things to change over time. These concepts are at the platform of historical and not pure or empirical science. It was based on these concepts the “Junk DNA” theory was established but fortunately has been abolished by empirical evidence. Recent empirical evidence at the molecular level now disqualifies natural selection as the engine of evolution by demonstrating that new species are formed rapidly instead of gradually, with intent instead of random variation, through collaboration instead of competition. Darwinism and anti-Darwinism cannot be both right. Because empirical science is neutral, the only correct resolution is to bid farewell to Darwinism. There was no common ancestor, hence, there are no missing links found neither in the fossil record nor in the living world.

Therefore, scientists who are loyal to empirical evidence, are insisting that Darwin’s theory which claims that all of life was the product of evolution, and that the evolutionary process was driven largely by natural selection, is the greatest mistake in the history of science.

Farewell to Darwinian Evolution affirms the views of honest scientists and philosophers, such as atheists Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, who in their book, What Darwin Got Wrong (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010), insist something is critically wrong with Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Farewell to Darwinian Evolution lends support to members of credible scientific organizations and magazines, such as the New Scientists, who chose integrity over conformity and declared on the front page of its 24–30 January 2009 issue that “Darwin Was Wrong [:] Cutting Down the Tree of Life.” Leading evolutionists have consistently dismissed any opposition to Darwinian evolution, which was built on analogy rather than experiments.

The theory of evolution, which only addresses the material realm, cannot provide the truth about who we are, where we came from, and were we are going. If nature, which obeys laws, is not the creator through natural selection, who is? The ultimate question is, “are we here by chance, or do we belong to an agent who is supposed to inform us about our origin and purpose of life?”

In light of this question, John Rennie, chief editor of Scientific American, in his July 2002 article, wrote: “If super intelligent aliens appeared and claimed credit for creating life on Earth (or even particular species), the purely evolutionary explanation would be cast in doubt. But no one has yet produced such evidence.”

Rennie was right in his request for a claimant, but he was wrong in his conclusion that no one has come forward to claim ownership. In Farewell to Darwinian Evolution, Michael Ebifegha discusses the nature of God’s patent and seal, God’s claim for inventing the universe, and God’s unique mark upon all it contains. Needless to say, natural selection has no role in humanity’s origin, and the alleged evolution from a common ancestor is a myth. The citizens of this world deserve the truth and not the pseudoscientific preference of experts about how we got here.

Farewell to Darwinian Evolution is a thought-provoking and engaging book that will end the debate between creationism and evolutionism for the uninhibited reader.

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